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Our upbeat, passionate company culture
creates increased brand awareness for
our clients, and engenders a fabulous
work environment for our team members

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Kinetic Campaigns Move Your Brand

Using targeted promotions, we create
maximum exposure for our clients’ sales and
marketing campaigns

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An Environment for Growth and Development

Join our fun and energetic workplace where everyone
thrives and succeeds as individuals and as members
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Velocity Events, Inc.’s Impact

Velocity Events, Inc. is committed to raising brand awarness for our clients’ products through energetic sales and marketing initiatives that generate exceptional results as compared to conventional advertising methods. By building trust with consumers through in-person lead generation and marketing solutions, we create lasting impressions that result in higher levels of first-time and repeat purchases for the brands we represent.

Velocity Event, Inc.’s Mission

At Velocity Events, Inc., our goal is to employ the positive and spirited personalities of our outstanding team to extend the reach of our clients’ brands and ensure more consumers go home with their products in hand. We work with each new client to create customized sales and marketing product promotions based on strategic territory planning for measurable results every time.

What Velocity Events, Inc. Can Do for You

If you want your product represented through in-store and on-site events by handpicked team members who understand your sales and marketing goals perfectly, then contact Velocity Events, Inc. today! We’ve used our extensive retail network to help a diverse list of clients reach customers in high traffic shopping locations in order to ensure organic, effective sales and marketing and long-term consumer loyalty.

Velocity Events, Inc.’s Client Impact

Through in-person sales and marketing initiatives, we deliver results our clients can measure. Our proven in-store and on-site direct sales strategies consistently generate the best results for putting new consumer products on the market. In fact, our strategic methods and amazing team are so effective; we’ve effectively re-written the book on direct promotions by creating a path that generates reliable outcomes.

How Velocity Events, Inc. Sees Customers

It’s not just our clients who benefit from our approach to sales and marketing, it’s the consumers, too. Unlike brick and mortar stores and e-commerce sales, we can offer introductory prices and hands-on product testing that engenders brand loyalty and higher sales than conventional sales and marketing methods. Giving consumers the chance to test and experience products firsthand means they’re better able to make informed purchasing decisions, which has long-term positive impacts on sales and brand awareness. It’s a proven method we’ve come to trust implicitly for customer satisfaction.

Key On the Job Tips for Job Success from Velocity Events, Inc.

We have one of the best teams in the business at Velocity Events, Inc. and one of the reasons for that is the fun, passionate atmosphere we inspire through training, team events, and great leadership. If you’re looking to find a great team to join, ours should definitely be at...

How Velocity Events, Inc. Encourages Leadership Qualities in Every Team Member

For Velocity Events, Inc., every member of our team has the potential to become a leader, and so we challenge each and every individual to reach their best through ongoing training and skill-building exercises, as well as frequent team building activities. The following are four...

Putting Donald Trump’s Business Tips to Work at Velocity Events, Inc.

At Velocity Events, Inc. we admire the accomplishments of Donald Trump as a leader in business. Not only has he risen to heights very few can achieve, he’s done it by overcoming a multitude of challenges along the way. We hope to emulate his style and approach by incorporating...